Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater


Subtle embroidered lace trim up the rims of this Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater with a modern open front in cropped length. Providing grace and polished appeal, this deluxe cashmere sweater lends to cozy comfort and superior softness. This chic cashmere sweater is a special gift to treasure and enjoy.

We traveled the remote mountains of Mongolia to deliver this sweater with the world’s finest cashmere. This Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater is densely knitted with yarns gently spun from the latest Italian technology, it represents the highest pilling performance of its class, lightweight yet extremely cozy with superior soft hand.

This Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater is a timeless piece to enjoy. Cashmere of this quality only gets better over time. With proper care, this sweater is going to take good care of you for years to come.

  • Crewneck with hook & Eye closure at neck
  • Embroidery lace sewn along the tubular neck trim, placket, pocket trim and bottom hems
  • Double faced knit with birds eye stitch on the outside and half Milano stitch underlay
  • Classic Cropped cardigan, ideal to work over your sleeveless dresses
  • By J CASHMERE; Imported

Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater

Our Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater is knitted in the oldest cashmere mill in Inner Mongolia, home of the world's finest cashmere fibers. The factory employs the best technicians from Italy and Germany to integrate the latest European equipment and technology.

This sweater is knitted on the German machines using complex knit patterning technology, precisely knit to shape panels are hand pieced together with precision linking machines, the entire sewing workflow here is a highly time consuming process, this traditional handwork makes your sweater fit on you precisely, you will enjoy the ease and comfort walking around with this sweater.

The yarns are gently spun on the latest Italian spinning machines with the slowest speed settings to get you the smoothest cashmere yarns, this traditionally slow process ensures the best pilling performance over time, the fabrics knitted out this yarn looks elegantly neat and clean.

This sweater uses only the world's finest cashmere fiber from goats raised in the local mountains of Inner Mongolia where the naturally rich nutrition, the high altitude and cold climate are key factors that help make the fleece ultra-soft.

Unlike many cheap imports that mix low end cashmere from multiple origins that contributes to serious pilling problems and very dry itchy hand, especially after the first wash.

This sweater is that original cashmere quality that you own for years without any pilling or performance issues. Washed and colored gently with the best German technology for minimal chemical invasion into this delicate fiber, this light and airy yarn offers superior warmth and incredible softness. With proper care, cashmere of this quality only gets better with time. This Black Cashmere Lace-trim Crop Cardigan Sweater is an investment piece to treasure and enjoy.

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Style Number8059
StyleCardigan Sweaters
Color MapBlack
BrandJ Cashmere
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